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Sealed plastic enclosures

Sealed plastic enclosures

Dimensions, mmColorPDFPhoto
G20164x58x35Light grayDatasheet G201Sealed enclosure
G201C64x58x35Light grayDatasheet G201CSealed enclosure with clear lid
G202184x36x35Light grayDatasheet G202Sealed enclosure
G203115x65x40Light grayDatasheet G203Sealed enclosure
G203C115x65x40Light grayDatasheet G203CSealed enclosure with clear lid
G205115x65x55Light grayDatasheet G205Sealed enclosure
G205C115x65x55Light grayDatasheet G205CSealed enclosure with clear lid
G212115x90x55Light grayDatasheet G212Sealed enclosure
G212C115x90x55Light grayDatasheet G212CSealed enclosure with clear lid
G214171x121x55Light grayDatasheet G214Sealed enclosure
G214C171x121x55Light grayDatasheet G214CSealed enclosure with clear lid
G218222x146x55Light grayDatasheet G218Sealed enclosure
G218C222x146x55Light grayDatasheet G218CSealed enclosure with clear lid
G221115x90x80Light grayDatasheet G221Sealed enclosure
G221C115x90x80Light grayDatasheet G221CSealed enclosure with clear lid
G223171x121x80Light grayDatasheet G223Sealed enclosure
G223C171x121x80Light grayDatasheet G223CSealed enclosure with clear lid
G229195x80x55Light grayDatasheet G229Sealed enclosure
G229C195x80x55Light grayDatasheet G229CSealed enclosure with clear lid
G232222x146x75Light grayDatasheet G232Sealed enclosure
G232C222x146x75Light grayDatasheet G232CSealed enclosure with clear lid
G238265x185x95Light grayDatasheet G238Sealed enclosure
G238C265x185x95Light grayDatasheet G238CSealed enclosure with clear lid
G25052x50x35Light grayDatasheet G250Sealed enclosure
G250C52x50x35Light grayDatasheet G250CPhoto G250CSealed enclosure with clear lid
G25682x80x55Light grayDatasheet G256Sealed enclosure
G256C82x80x55Light grayDatasheet G256CSealed enclosure with clear lid
G258160x80x55Light grayDatasheet G258Sealed enclosure
G258C160x80x55Light grayDatasheet G258CSealed enclosure with clear lid
G265160x80x85Light grayDatasheet G265Sealed enclosure
G265C160x80x85Light grayDatasheet G265CSealed enclosure with clear lid
G269200x120x75Light grayDatasheet G269Sealed enclosure
G269C200x120x75Light grayDatasheet G269CSealed enclosure with clear lid
G278120x120x60Light grayDatasheet G278Sealed enclosure
G278C120x120x60Light grayDatasheet G278CSealed enclosure with clear lid
G279120x120x90Light grayDatasheet G279Sealed enclosure
G279C120x120x90Light grayDatasheet G279CSealed enclosure with clear lid
G287160x160x60Light grayDatasheet G287Sealed enclosure
G287C160x160x60Light grayDatasheet G287CSealed enclosure with clear lid
G288160x160x90Light grayDatasheet G288Sealed enclosure
G288C160x160x90Light grayDatasheet G288CSealed enclosure with clear lid
G2018240x160x90Light grayDatasheet G2018Sealed enclosure
G2018C240x160x90Light grayDatasheet G2018CSealed enclosure with clear lid
G2025240x160x120Light grayDatasheet G2025Sealed enclosure
G2025C240x160x120Light grayDatasheet G2025CSealed enclosure with clear lid
G2029300x230x86Light grayDatasheet G2029Sealed enclosure
G2029C300x230x86Light grayDatasheet G2029CSealed enclosure with clear lid
G2038300x230x111Light grayDatasheet G2038Sealed enclosure
G2038C300x230x111Light grayDatasheet G2038CSealed enclosure with clear lid
G2058360x200x150Light grayDatasheet G2058Sealed enclosure
G2058C360x200x150Light grayDatasheet G2058CSealed enclosure with clear lid
G30264x58x35Dark grayDatasheet G302Sealed enclosure
G303184x36x35Dark grayDatasheet G303Sealed enclosure
G304115x65x40Dark grayDatasheet G304Sealed enclosure
G308115x65x55Dark grayDatasheet G308Sealed enclosure
G311115x90x55Dark grayDatasheet G311Sealed enclosure
G313171x121x55Dark grayDatasheet G313Sealed enclosure
G317222x146x55Dark grayDatasheet G317Sealed enclosure
G331115x90x80Dark grayDatasheet G331Sealed enclosure
G340171x121x80Dark grayDatasheet G340Sealed enclosure
G346195x80x55Dark grayDatasheet G346Sealed enclosure
G353222x146x75Dark grayDatasheet G353Sealed enclosure
G378265x185x95Dark grayDatasheet G378Sealed enclosure
G36252x50x35Dark grayDatasheet G362Sealed enclosure
G36682x80x55Dark grayDatasheet G366Sealed enclosure
G368160x80x55Dark grayDatasheet G368Sealed enclosure
G369160x80x85Dark grayDatasheet G369Sealed enclosure
G373200x120x75Dark grayDatasheet G373Sealed enclosure
G386120x120x60Dark grayDatasheet G386Sealed enclosure
G387120x120x90Dark grayDatasheet G387Sealed enclosure
G396160x160x60Dark grayDatasheet G396Sealed enclosure
G399160x160x90Dark grayDatasheet G399Sealed enclosure
G3008240x160x90Dark grayDatasheet G3008Sealed enclosure
G3019240x160x120Dark grayDatasheet G3019Sealed enclosure
G3028300x230x86Dark grayDatasheet G3028Sealed enclosure
G3031300x230x111Dark grayDatasheet G3031Sealed enclosure
G3039360x200x150Dark grayDatasheet G3039Sealed enclosure
G2691-IP67200x120x75Light grayDatasheet G2691-IP67Sealed enclosure
G2691C-IP67200x120x75Light grayDatasheet G2691C-IP67Sealed enclosure with clear lid
G3735-IP67200x120x75Dark grayDatasheet G3735-IP67Sealed enclosure
G2385-IP67265x185x95Light grayDatasheet G2385-IP67Sealed enclosure
G2385C-IP67265x185x95Light grayDatasheet G2385C-IP67Sealed enclosure with clear lid
G3783-IP67265x185x95Dark grayDatasheet G3783-IP67Sealed enclosure
G20583-IP67360x200x150Light grayDatasheet G20583-IP67Sealed enclosure
G20583C-IP67360x200x150Light grayDatasheet G20583C-IP67Sealed enclosure with clear lid
G30393-IP67360x200x150Dark grayDatasheet G30393-IP67Sealed enclosure
G30393-IP67360x200x150Dark grayDatasheet G30393-IP67Sealed enclosure
G2018C-IP67240x160x90Light grayDatasheet G2018C-IP67Sealed enclosure with clear lid
G3008-IP67240x160x90Dark grayDatasheet G3008-IP67Sealed enclosure
G2025-IP67240x160x120Light grayDatasheet G2025-IP67Sealed enclosure
G2025C-IP67240x160x120Light grayDatasheet G2025C-IP67Sealed enclosure with clear lid
G3019-IP67240x160x120Dark grayDatasheet G3019-IP67Sealed enclosure
G20295-IP67300x230x86Light grayDatasheet G20295-IP67Sealed enclosure
G20295C-IP67300x230x86Light grayDatasheet G20295C-IP67Sealed enclosure with clear lid
G30285-IP67300x230x86Dark grayDatasheet G30285-IP67Sealed enclosure
G20385-IP67300x230x111Light grayDatasheet G20385-IP67Sealed enclosure
G20385C-IP67300x230x111Light grayDatasheet G20385C-IP67Sealed enclosure with clear lid
G30312-IP67300x230x111Dark grayDatasheet G30312-IP67Sealed enclosure
MF-001DG36.8x26.7x8.9Dark grayDatasheet MF-001DGPhoto MF-001DGMounting kit
MF-001LG36.8x26.7x8.9Light grayDatasheet MF-001LGPhoto MF-001LGMounting kit
EMP-00128x22x6Light grayDatasheet EMP-001Photo EMP-001Mounting kit


Sealed polycarbonate and ABS plastic enclosures with transparent or nontransparent lid.


  • Material: polycarbonate
  • Light-grey color
  • Working temperature: from -40°С to 120°С;
  • Optional supply with transparent lids (C)
  • Material: ultra high strength ABS plastic
  • Dark-grey color
  • Working temperature: from -20°С to 80°С;
  • comply with the standards IP-65 (IEC 529) and NEMA 4 (protection from dust and moisture);
  • guiding groves for vertical installing of the printed boards are provided inside the enclosure;
  • inner part of the housing base is provided with formations for horizontal fastening of the printed board, connections for earthing, terminals and other. Formations are provided with the holes with the pressed brass thread bushes;
  • the lid is fastened with stainless steel M4 screws (non mag) that are inserted into the brass thread bushes.

The enclosures are sealed by means of male-female joint on the lid/enclosure and presence of neoprene gland.


Mounting bolts, brass bushes and neoprene glands are included in the scope of supply.

The selection of enclosures Selection of necessary enclosures for electronics on the size and main characteristics

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