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High strength portable enclosures

High strength portable enclosures

Dimensions, mmColorPDFPhoto
G1200B92x57x25.4BlackDatasheet G1200BPlastic enclosure
G1200G92x57x25.4GrayDatasheet G1200GPhoto G1200GPlastic enclosure
G1202B111x82.5x38BlackDatasheet G1202BPlastic enclosure
G1202B(BC)111x82.5x38BlackDatasheet G1202B(BC)Plastic enclosure
G1202G111x82.5x38GrayDatasheet G1202GPlastic enclosure
G1202G(BC)111x82.5x38GrayDatasheet G1202G(BC)Plastic enclosure
G1204B142.8x82.5x38BlackDatasheet G1204BPlastic enclosure
G1204G142.8x82.5x38GrayDatasheet G1204GPlastic enclosure
G1208B174.5x123.6x38BlackDatasheet G1208BPlastic enclosure
G1208G174.5x123.6x38GrayDatasheet G1208GPlastic enclosure
G1213B174.5x123.6x63.5BlackDatasheet G1213BPlastic enclosure
G1213G174.5x123.6x63.5GrayDatasheet G1213GPlastic enclosure


Impact-resistant enclosures for portable equipment, used for manufacturing of the instruments, sensors, transmitters, remote control panels and various security systems.


  • Made of impact-resistant ABS plastic.
  • Colors: black, light-grey

G1202 enclosure can be supplied with the battery compartment ("BC" marking should be added).


Rubber legs are included in the scope of supply.

The selection of enclosures Selection of necessary enclosures for electronics on the size and main characteristics

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