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G7xx B

Plastic instrumental enclosures

Plastic instrumental enclosures

Dimensions, mmColorPDF
G76095x158x36Light grayDatasheet G760Plastic enclosure
G760A95x158x36Light grayDatasheet G760AEnclosure with aluminium panels
G76195x158x47Light grayDatasheet G761Plastic enclosure
G761A95x158x47Light grayDatasheet G761AEnclosure with aluminium panels
G76295x158x58Light grayDatasheet G762Plastic enclosure
G762A95x158x58Light grayDatasheet G762AEnclosure with aluminium panels
G763156x180x36Light grayDatasheet G763Plastic enclosure
G763A156x180x36Light grayDatasheet G763AEnclosure with aluminium panels
G764156x180x44Light grayDatasheet G764Plastic enclosure
G764A156x180x44Light grayDatasheet G764AEnclosure with aluminium panels
G765156x180x52Light grayDatasheet G765Plastic enclosure
G765A156x180x52Light grayDatasheet G765AEnclosure with aluminium panels
G766140x190x40Light grayDatasheet G766Plastic enclosure
G766A140x190x40Light grayDatasheet G766AEnclosure with aluminium panels
G767140x190x60Light grayDatasheet G767Plastic enclosure
G767A140x190x60Light grayDatasheet G767AEnclosure with aluminium panels
G768140x190x90Light grayDatasheet G768Plastic enclosure
G768A140x190x90Light grayDatasheet G768AEnclosure with aluminium panels
G769200x280x40Light grayDatasheet G769Plastic enclosure
G769A200x280x40Light grayDatasheet G769AEnclosure with aluminium panels
G770200x280x60Light grayDatasheet G770Plastic enclosure
G770A200x280x60Light grayDatasheet G770AEnclosure with aluminium panels
G771200x280x80Light grayDatasheet G771Plastic enclosure
G771A200x280x80Light grayDatasheet G771AEnclosure with aluminium panels
G760BK95x158x36Light grayDatasheet G760BKPlastic enclosure


Modernly designed enclosures with flat finish for manufacturing of desktop instruments.


  • light-grey enclosures with dark-grey panels;
  • the best quality for lower price as compared with other producers;
  • high strength ABS plastic UL94-HB;
  • other materials can be used for manufacturing;
  • 4 screws and 4 rubber legs are included in the scope of supply.


Optional supply of the enclosures with aluminium side panels. Add "A" marking in the enclosure designation for this option.

The selection of enclosures Selection of necessary enclosures for electronics on the size and main characteristics

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