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G21xx, G31xx

Sealed plastic enclosures

Sealed plastic enclosures

Dimensions, mmColorPDFPhoto
G2100100x100x55Light grayDatasheet G2100Photo G2100Sealed enclosure
G2100C100x100x55Light grayDatasheet G2100CSealed enclosure with clear lid
G2102100x100x90Light grayDatasheet G2102Photo G2102Sealed enclosure
G2102C100x100x90Light grayDatasheet G2102CSealed enclosure with clear lid
G2104120x80x55Light grayDatasheet G2104Photo G2104Sealed enclosure
G2104C120x80x55Light grayDatasheet G2104CSealed enclosure with clear lid
G2105120x80x85Light grayDatasheet G2105Photo G2105Sealed enclosure
G2105C120x80x85Light grayDatasheet G2105CSealed enclosure with clear lid
G2111200x120x90Light grayDatasheet G2111Photo G2111Sealed enclosure
G2111C200x120x90Light grayDatasheet G2111CSealed enclosure with clear lid
G2113240x120x60Light grayDatasheet G2113Sealed enclosure
G2113C240x120x60Light grayDatasheet G2113CSealed enclosure with clear lid
G2117240x120x100Light grayDatasheet G2117Sealed enclosure
G2117C240x120x100Light grayDatasheet G2117CSealed enclosure with clear lid
G2119200x150x55Light grayDatasheet G2119Photo G2119Sealed enclosure
G2119C200x150x55Light grayDatasheet G2119CSealed enclosure with clear lid
G2120200x150x75Light grayDatasheet G2120Photo G2120Sealed enclosure
G2120C200x150x75Light grayDatasheet G2120CSealed enclosure with clear lid
G2128353x140x121.5Light grayDatasheet G2128Sealed enclosure
G2128C353x140x121.5Light grayDatasheet G2128CSealed enclosure with clear lid
G2135190x190x55Light grayDatasheet G2135Photo G2135Sealed enclosure
G2135C190x190x55Light grayDatasheet G2135CSealed enclosure with clear lid
G3101100x100x55Dark grayDatasheet G3101Sealed enclosure
G3103100x100x90Dark grayDatasheet G3103Sealed enclosure
G3107120x80x55Dark grayDatasheet G3107Sealed enclosure
G3109120x80x85Dark grayDatasheet G3109Sealed enclosure
G3113200x120x90Dark grayDatasheet G3113Sealed enclosure
G3118240x120x60Dark grayDatasheet G3118Sealed enclosure
G3121240x120x100Dark grayDatasheet G3121Sealed enclosure
G3122200x150x55Dark grayDatasheet G3122Sealed enclosure
G3125190x190x55Dark grayDatasheet G3125Sealed enclosure
G3127200x150x75Dark grayDatasheet G3127Sealed enclosure
G3130353x140x121.5Dark grayDatasheet G3130Sealed enclosure


Sealed polycarbonate and ABS plastic enclosures with IP 65. The molded inner racks for the mounting of the printed boards or terminal blocks are provided with the pressed brass thread bushes.


  • Comply with IP-65 (IEC 529) and NEMA 4 standards;
  • Material: G21 — Polycarbonate, G31 — ABS plastic;
  • Color: G21 — light-grey, G31 — dark-grey;

Possible supply of the polycarbonate enclosures with the transparent lids.

The lid is fixed with non mag stainless steel M4 screws and brass thread bushes in the base.

The lid is provided with a slightly sunk area for the membrane keyboard.


The holes in the enclosures for wall mounting and lid fixing screws are located outside the sealing area to protect against moisture and dust.

The selection of enclosures Selection of necessary enclosures for electronics on the size and main characteristics

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