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G5xx B

Portable plastic enclosures

Portable plastic enclosures

Dimensions, mmColorPDFPhoto
G512G-2$66.5x66.5x28GrayDatasheet G512G-2$Plastic enclosure
G512B-2$66.5x66.5x28BlackDatasheet G512B-2$Plastic enclosure
G515G66.5x66.5x28GrayDatasheet G515GPlastic enclosure
G515B66.5x66.5x28BlackDatasheet G515BPlastic enclosure
G517G(BC)-1@92x66.5x21GrayDatasheet G517G(BC)-1@Plastic enclosure
G517B(BC)-1@92x66.5x21BlackDatasheet G517B(BC)-1@Plastic enclosure
G519G(BC)92x66.5x28GrayDatasheet G519G(BC)Plastic enclosure
G519G(BC)-1$92x66.5x28BlackDatasheet G519G(BC)-1$Plastic enclosure
G521G-2$92x66.5x28GrayDatasheet G521G-2$Plastic enclosure
G521B-2$92x66.5x28BlackDatasheet G521B-2$Plastic enclosure
G526G-2#111.3x75x25.2GrayPlastic enclosure
G526B-2#111.3x75x25.2BlackPlastic enclosure
G528G(BC)-1@112x66.5x21GrayDatasheet G528G(BC)-1@Plastic enclosure
G528B(BC)-1@112x66.5x21BlackDatasheet G528B(BC)-1@Plastic enclosure
G529G(BC)-1$112x66.5x28GrayDatasheet G529G(BC)-1$Plastic enclosure
G529B(BC)-1$112x66.5x28BlackDatasheet G529B(BC)-1$Plastic enclosure
G535G-2%114x35.7x25.8GrayDatasheet G535G-2%Plastic enclosure
G535B-2%114x35.7x25.8BlackDatasheet G535B-2%Plastic enclosure
G537G(BC)-1$140x66.5x28GrayDatasheet G537G(BC)-1$Plastic enclosure
G537B(BC)-1$140x66.5x28BlackDatasheet G537B(BC)-1$Plastic enclosure
G539G-2$140x66.5x28GrayDatasheet G539G-2$Plastic enclosure
G539B-2$140x66.5x28BlackDatasheet G539B-2$Plastic enclosure
G900G CLIPGrayDatasheet G900G CLIPPhoto G900G CLIPClip for fastening on the belt
G900B CLIPBlackDatasheet G900B CLIPPhoto G900B CLIPClip for fastening on the belt
IR PANEL-"A"61.2x22.9x1.6IR clearDatasheet IR PANEL-"A"Side IR panel for G512, G519, G521, G529, G537, G539 enclosures
IR PANEL-"B"61.2x15.7x1.6IR clearDatasheet IR PANEL-"B"Side IR panel for G517, G528 enclosures
IR PANEL-"C"69.7x19.9x1.6IR clearDatasheet IR PANEL-"C"Side IR panel for G526 enclosure
IR PANEL-"D"30.4x20.5x1.6IR clearDatasheet IR PANEL-"D"Side IR panel for G535 enclosure
G0312Datasheet G0312Photo G0312Kit of contacts for the supply from four AA batteries


The enclosures are made from ABS plastic of various grades and colors and are used for manufacturing of the instruments with ingress protection IP54


light-grey G738 - G758 enclosures with black panels, ABS plastic UL94-HB;

dark-grey G706 - G735 enclosures with light-grey panels, ABS plastic UL94-V0;

"A" marking stands for the enclosure with aluminium panels, "V" marking stands for the enclosure with air inlets.


4 М3 screws and rubber legs are included in the scope of supply (except for G738, G738A, G706, G706A).

The selection of enclosures Selection of necessary enclosures for electronics on the size and main characteristics

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