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T-shaped portable plastic enclosures

T-shaped portable plastic enclosures

Dimensions, mmColorPDFPhoto
G858G(O)131x237x46Light grayDatasheet G858G(O)Plastic enclosure
G858G(O)BC131x237x46Light grayDatasheet G858G(O)BCPlastic enclosure
G858G(S)131x237x46Light grayDatasheet G858G(S)Plastic enclosure
G858G(S)BC131x237x46Light grayDatasheet G858G(S)BCPlastic enclosure
G858B(O)131x237x46BlackDatasheet G858B(O)Plastic enclosure
G858B(O)BC131x237x46BlackDatasheet G858B(O)BCPlastic enclosure
G858B(S)131x237x46BlackDatasheet G858B(S)Photo G858B(S)Plastic enclosure
G858B(S)BC131x237x46BlackDatasheet G858B(S)BCPlastic enclosure
G858GTSGrayStand for enclosure
G858BTSBlackStand for enclosure
G858BTSBlackStand for enclosure


The enclosures from strong ABS plastic, ideal for hand-held portable devices. The enclosures are manufactured in two colors: light-grey and black


Ingress protection IP65 is provided through the use of sealer (supplied separately).

  • strong and ergonomic enclosures from ABS plastic;
  • standard colors: black and light-grey, the enclosures can be supplied in different colors by order;
  • the upper and lower parts of the enclosure are provided with the groove and tongue sealing system;
  • optional box for "AA" or 9V batteries;
  • optional cutting for display;
  • the upper and lower parts are connected with 6 M3 screws, which are included in the scope of supply;
  • display size area: 116х81mm;
  • keyboard size area: 118х81mm;
  • cutting area 101x45mm.


the desktop stand is included in the scope of supply, which can be also used as a wall bracket.

The selection of enclosures Selection of necessary enclosures for electronics on the size and main characteristics

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