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USB enclosures

USB enclosures

Dimensions, mmColorPDFPhoto
G1901G71x23x8.7GrayDatasheet G1901GEnclosure for USB device
G1901C71x23x8.7ClearDatasheet G1901CEnclosure for USB device
G190377x49x26.6BlackDatasheet G1903Photo G1903Plastic enclosure
G1905102x77x39.4BlackDatasheet G1905Plastic enclosure with the flanges
G190669.5x50.5x21BlackDatasheet G1906Photo G1906Plastic enclosure
G190888.5x63x27.5BlackDatasheet G1908Photo G1908Plastic enclosure
G1910115x83x32BlackDatasheet G1910Photo G1910Plastic enclosure
G1911C51.5x18x8.5ClearDatasheet G1911CPhoto G1911C
G1911G51.5x18x8.5GrayDatasheet G1911GPhoto G1911G


Plastic enclosures, designed for the manufacturing of the card-readers, wireless or USB memory storage devices.


p>G1901G enclosure (or G1901C) is ideal for the memory storage devices with the USB interface.

G1905 enclosure – a box with the external mounting flanges for wall mounting or installing on the place.

G1903, G1906, G1908, G1910 enclosures are ideal for electronic fobs.

  • material of the enclosure G1901C: transparent polycarbonate;
  • material of the enclosures G1901G, G1905: high strength ABS (UL94-HB);
  • material of the enclosures G1903, G1906, G1908, G1910: flame-proof ABS (UL94-V0);

The selection of enclosures Selection of necessary enclosures for electronics on the size and main characteristics

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