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Enclosures on DIN rail

Enclosures on DIN rail

Dimensions, mmColorPDFPhoto
D2MG36.3x90.2x57.5Light grayDatasheet D2MGPhoto D2MGPlastic enclosure on DIN-rail
D3MG53.3x90.2x57.5Light grayDatasheet D3MGPhoto D3MGPlastic enclosure on DIN-rail
D4MG71x90.2x57.5Light grayDatasheet D4MGPhoto D4MGPlastic enclosure on DIN-rail
D6MG106.25x90.2x57.5Light grayDatasheet D6MGPhoto D6MGPlastic enclosure on DIN-rail
D9MG159.5x90.2x57.5Light grayDatasheet D9MGPhoto D9MGPlastic enclosure on DIN-rail
D2MG-COVER-CClearDatasheet D2MG-COVER-CTransparent lid for D2MG
D2MG-COVER-IRIR clearDatasheet D2MG-COVER-IRIR lid for D2MG
D3MG-COVER-CClearDatasheet D3MG-COVER-CTransparent lid for D3MG
D3MG-COVER-IRIR clearDatasheet D3MG-COVER-IRIR lid for D3MG
D4MG-COVER-CClearDatasheet D4MG-COVER-CTransparent lid for D4MG
D4MG-COVER-IRIR clearDatasheet D4MG-COVER-IRIR lid for D4MG
D6MG-COVER-CClearDatasheet D6MG-COVER-CTransparent lid for D6MG
D6MG-COVER-IRIR clearDatasheet D6MG-COVER-IRIR lid for D6MG
D9MG-COVER-CClearDatasheet D9MG-COVER-CTransparent lid for D9MG
D9MG-COVER-IRIR clearDatasheet D9MG-COVER-IRIR lid for D9MG
D2MG-GUARDLight grayDatasheet D2MG-GUARDPhoto D2MG-GUARDGuard for D2MG use
D4MG-GUARDLight grayDatasheet D4MG-GUARDPhoto D4MG-GUARDGuard for D4MG use
D3MG/D6MG/D9MG-GUARDLight grayDatasheet D3MG/D6MG/D9MG-GUARDPhoto D3MG/D6MG/D9MG-GUARDGuard for D3MG, D6MG and D9MG use
DXMG-WALL CLIPLight grayPhoto DXMG-WALL CLIPClip for fastening the enclosure on DIN-rail
D2MG-PCB-A32.8x86.9x1.6Datasheet D2MG-PCB-APhoto D2MG-PCB-APCB for D2MG
D3MG-PCB-A50x86.9x1.6Datasheet D3MG-PCB-APhoto D3MG-PCB-APCB for D3MG
D4MG-PCB-A67.8x86.9x1.6Datasheet D4MG-PCB-APhoto D4MG-PCB-APCB for D4MG
D6MG-PCB-A102.8x86.9x1.6Datasheet D6MG-PCB-APhoto D6MG-PCB-APCB for D6MG
D9MG-PCB-A156.2x86.9x1.6Datasheet D9MG-PCB-APhoto D9MG-PCB-APCB for D9MG
D1MG18.1x90.2x57.5Light grayDatasheet D1MGPhoto D1MGPlastic enclosure on DIN-rail
D1MG-PCB-A14.3x86.9x1.6Datasheet D1MG-PCB-APhoto D1MG-PCB-APCB for D1MG
D5MG83.6x90.2x57.5Light grayDatasheet D5MGPlastic enclosure on DIN-rail
D12MG212x90.2x57.5Light grayDatasheet D12MGPlastic enclosure on DIN-rail
D5MG-COVER-CClearDatasheet D5MG-COVER-CTransparent lid for D5MG
D5MG-COVER-IRIR clearDatasheet D5MG-COVER-IRIR lid for D5MG
D12MG-COVER-CClearDatasheet D12MG-COVER-CTransparent lid for D12MG
D12MG-COVER-IRIR clearDatasheet D12MG-COVER-IRIR lid for D12MG
D1MG-GUARDLight grayDatasheet D1MG-GUARDPhoto D1MG-GUARDGuard for D1MG use
D5MG-PCB-A80x86.9x1.6Datasheet D5MG-PCB-APCB for D5MG
D12MG-PCB-A208.4x86.9x1.6Datasheet D12MG-PCB-APCB for D12MG


Module enclosures on DIN rail. Five sizes are available (2M, 3M, 4M, 6M, 9M).


  • designed for mounting on EN60715 DIN rail;
  • quick to assemble structure, easily joined with locks ;
  • material: polycarbonate/ABS UL94-VO;
  • upper lid can be transparent in the visible or IR range (red polycarbonate UL94-VO);
  • the scope of supply: base, enclosure, lid, protective plugs on locks and a clip for fastening on the rail.

The selection of enclosures Selection of necessary enclosures for electronics on the size and main characteristics

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