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Plastic enclosure with the flanges

Plastic enclosure with the flanges

Dimensions, mmColorPDF
NUB503522BK50x35.4x22BlackDatasheet NUB503522BKPlastic case with flanges
NUB505017BK50x50.4x17BlackDatasheet NUB505017BKPlastic case with flanges
NUB505027BK50x50.4x27BlackDatasheet NUB505027BKPlastic case with flanges
NUB705017BK70x50.4x17BlackDatasheet NUB705017BKPlastic case with flanges
NUB705029BK70x50.4x29.5BlackDatasheet NUB705029BKPlastic case with flanges
NUB705042BK70x50.4x42BlackDatasheet NUB705042BKPlastic case with flanges
NUB904527BK90x45.6x27.5BlackDatasheet NUB904527BKPlastic case with flanges
NUB1057020BK105x70.6x20.5BlackDatasheet NUB1057020BKPlastic case with flanges
NUB1057035BK105x70.6x35.5BlackDatasheet NUB1057035BKPlastic case with flanges
NUB1057050BK105x70.6x50.5BlackDatasheet NUB1057050BKPlastic case with flanges
NUB808023BK80x80.6x23.5BlackDatasheet NUB808023BKPlastic case with flanges
NUB808043BK80x80.6x43.5BlackDatasheet NUB808043BKPlastic case with flanges
NUB503522WH50x35.4x22Light grayDatasheet NUB503522WHPlastic case with flanges
NUB505017WH50x50.4x17Light grayDatasheet NUB505017WHPlastic case with flanges
NUB505027WH50x50.4x27Light grayDatasheet NUB505027WHPlastic case with flanges
NUB705017WH70x50.4x17Light grayDatasheet NUB705017WHPlastic case with flanges
NUB705029WH70x50.4x29.5Light grayDatasheet NUB705029WHPlastic case with flanges
NUB705042WH70x50.4x42Light grayDatasheet NUB705042WHPlastic case with flanges
NUB904527WH90x45.6x27.5Light grayDatasheet NUB904527WHPlastic case with flanges
NUB1057020WH105x70.6x20.5Light grayDatasheet NUB1057020WHPlastic case with flanges
NUB1057035WH105x70.6x35.5Light grayDatasheet NUB1057035WHPlastic case with flanges
NUB1057050WH105x70.6x50.5Light grayDatasheet NUB1057050WHPlastic case with flanges
NUB808023WH80x80.6x23.5Light grayDatasheet NUB808023WHPlastic case with flanges
NUB808043WH80x80.6x43.5Light grayDatasheet NUB808043WHPlastic case with flanges
NUB503522OR50x35.4x22OrangeDatasheet NUB503522ORPlastic case with flanges
NUB505017OR50x50.4x17OrangeDatasheet NUB505017ORPlastic case with flanges
NUB505027OR50x50.4x27OrangeDatasheet NUB505027ORPlastic case with flanges
NUB705017OR70x50.4x17OrangeDatasheet NUB705017ORPlastic case with flanges
NUB705029OR70x50.4x29.5OrangeDatasheet NUB705029ORPlastic case with flanges
NUB705042OR70x50.4x42OrangeDatasheet NUB705042ORPlastic case with flanges
NUB904527OR90x45.6x27.5OrangeDatasheet NUB904527ORPlastic case with flanges
NUB1057020OR105x70.6x20.5OrangeDatasheet NUB1057020ORPlastic case with flanges
NUB1057035OR105x70.6x35.5OrangeDatasheet NUB1057035ORPlastic case with flanges
NUB1057050OR105x70.6x50.5OrangeDatasheet NUB1057050ORPlastic case with flanges
NUB808023OR80x80.6x23.5OrangeDatasheet NUB808023ORPlastic case with flanges
NUB808043OR80x80.6x43.5OrangeDatasheet NUB808043ORPlastic case with flanges
NUB503522RD50x35.4x22RedDatasheet NUB503522RDPlastic case with flanges
NUB505017RD50x50.4x17RedDatasheet NUB505017RDPlastic case with flanges
NUB505027RD50x50.4x27RedDatasheet NUB505027RDPlastic case with flanges
NUB705017RD70x50.4x17RedDatasheet NUB705017RDPlastic case with flanges
NUB705029RD70x50.4x29.5RedDatasheet NUB705029RDPlastic case with flanges
NUB705042RD70x50.4x42RedDatasheet NUB705042RDPlastic case with flanges
NUB904527RD90x45.6x27.5RedDatasheet NUB904527RDPlastic case with flanges
NUB1057020RD105x70.6x20.5RedDatasheet NUB1057020RDPlastic case with flanges
NUB1057035RD105x70.6x35.5RedDatasheet NUB1057035RDPlastic case with flanges
NUB1057050RD105x70.6x50.5RedDatasheet NUB1057050RDPlastic case with flanges
NUB808023RD80x80.6x23.5RedDatasheet NUB808023RDPlastic case with flanges
NUB808043RD80x80.6x43.5RedDatasheet NUB808043RDPlastic case with flanges


Ideally designed for small printed circuit board use or used as potting box. Snap fit cover with the base of design is easy for assembly. Flanged base with mounting holes for customer to do the wall mounting easily. Cable outlet are designed in the cover,easily use the cutter to open.


Flanged plastic enclosures. 4 colors available:
  • Tightly fit self-locking lids or the lids with guides;
  • Outer clamping for mounting;
  • Cable outlets available.
  • The enclosures are made of impact- and heat-resistant ABS plastic (UL94-HB), durable (UL-94VO) rating of abs or polycarbonate are available upon request, able to withstand continuous exposure to high temperatures (+70°С)
    • Flanged plastic enclosures. 4 colors available:
    • (WH) white color
    • (BK) black color
    • (OR) orange color
    • (RD) red color

    Suitable cable diameter is 3-6mm for use in the cable outlet.


How to well cut the cable outlet.

Select a suitable cable cutter
Select a suitable cable cutter

Press the O position of the cover, and open the box
Press the O position of the cover, and open the box

Use the cutter to cut one side of cable outletCut another side cable outlet
Use the cutter to cut one side of cable outlet

Use the finger to bend additional material of the cable outlet
Use the finger to bend additional material of the cable outlet



The selection of enclosures Selection of necessary enclosures for electronics on the size and main characteristics

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