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Durable dual compartment enclosure with hinged cover

Durable dual compartment enclosure with hinged cover

Dimensions, mmColorPDF
DC001CBU166x161x93Light grayDatasheet DC001CBUSealed enclosure with hinged lid
DC003CBU166x161x121Light grayDatasheet DC003CBUSealed enclosure with hinged lid
DC005CBU213x185x104.5Light grayDatasheet DC005CBUSealed enclosure with hinged lid
DC007CBU256x217x132.5Light grayDatasheet DC007CBUSealed enclosure with hinged lid
DC009CBU296x281x158Light grayDatasheet DC009CBUSealed enclosure with hinged lid


Sealed dual compartment enclosures made of ABS plastic with hinged polycarbonate cover UL94-HB. Provides protection according to the IP65 standard.


  • Material: ABS UL94-HB and polycarbonate
  • Light-grey color and transparent cover
  • Operating temperature: from -20°С to 100°С

The enclosure is made of ultra strong plastic, has two chambers and equipped with detachable hinges for quick access to the main chamber.

Sealing is provided by neoprene gasket.

Inside racks and rails are set for vertical and horizontal PCB mounting.


Delivery set includes hinges and locks, neoprene gasket and fixing screws.


W D1 D2 H
DC001CBU 166 68.5 24.5 161
DC003CBU 166 96.5 24.5 161
DC005CBU 213 80 24.5 185
DC007CBU 257 108 24.5 216
DC009CBU 296 133.5 24.5 281

Dimensions, mm

The full specifications and dimensions, see the datasheet.


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